2018 Showreel

I Need Your Spirit explores the restorative power of music and community despite personal loss.

Age UK Barnet is a promotional video for a local old age Charity.

Clay - Laura De Benedetti is the first in a series of short portraits of artists who use clay to express themselves.

Elizabeth is a short portrait of an incredible poet.

Hidden stories is a 60 seconds look at the Jewish Museum London Archives.

Resonate is a music video and live studio session recording for B-Croma.

Snow Day is a video for Jewish Museum London’s social media channels.

Drew is a video for Hub Workshop showing the making of an open source desk.

The Clock is a short poetic video about ageing told through objects.

Falling is an unconventional love story in three parts. Featured at ‘Flicks Festival 2018’ at The Cinema Museum in London.

Tom is a video which advertised the last week of the ‘Designs on Britain’ exhibition at the Jewish Museum London.

Judaica is a short film for the Jewish Museum London’s Judaica Research Project (JRP).

Deep in Space and Time is a music video and live studio session recording for B-Croma.

Future Generation is a behind the scenes (BTS) video for sticker productions.

No Human is Illegal is a video I edited for the educational charity Migrants of Circumstance.

Shivers is a short film about mental health difficulties in young men.